100 Insanely Creative DIY Advent Calendar Tutorials and Awesome Ideas

3. Metallic Garland Advent Calendar

Metallic Garland Advent Calendar

I debated over so many ideas for an advent calendar but after some though and a few changes along the way this is what I ended up with. A lovely little bunting style garland to hand on the wall. Each flag is a pocket that is filled with a little something, but I cant tell you what as that will ruin the surprise for a certain someone. Well except today’s of course which was opened this morning and in it was a voucher for entry into the Christmas market and a hot apple cider. Making it is simple. Start buy cutting your selected paper into squares or you could use scrapbooking or origami paper to save you the hassle, I used silver wrapping paper that I cut into 19cm x 19cm squares. Now place double sided tape on one side of the square and roll it into a cone shape making sure the tape secures it. Fill your pocket with whatever you fancy. It could be chocolates and candy or things to go and do together. Pull the triangle flap of the cone down and secure with tape. Cut out the number tags, you can make these any shape you …Find out more at Design Every Day

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